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Ironing Services in London

Ironing can be one of the most boring task. So, leave it to us, while you spend time as you wish. We will iron everything you ask us to do.

MS Proper Clean can provide a dedicated ironing service in London, additionally all of our cleaners are trained and skilled in ironing and are flexible enough to carry out any ironing required while on cleaning jobs.
We understand how busy you are in your day to day life. Our services are perfect for those with little free time and for those that want to let the professionals iron all their clothes for them as we offer first class services to all of our clients.

If you would like to know more about organizing an ironing service then please feel free to contact us.

Our ironing service in London include:

  • Ironing shirts ( we require our cleaners to iron approximately 7-8 shirts per hour).
  • Ironing skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans,etc.
  • Hang or fold and put away.

Price: £12 per hour per person.

Please note: This service require minimum 3 hour per person. All prices are NOT subject to VAT.